Proven Task Lighting for the Serious Professional™

Integrated Compartment Lighting Systems
LED Strip Lighting

Faster & Easier Installation | More Reliable | More Durable | More Easily Serviceable

Modular LED Strip Lighting Paired with Modular Wiring Harnesses, evolving from extensive experience lighting Utility Work Truck Service Body Compartments since 2005.

LIGHTS: Choice of Two Series of High Performance Modular thinLUX™ Strip Lights
• SL1 Series: 12” & 24”, 300 Lumens/foot, Polycarbonate Hard Shell, Lifetime Warranty
• TL0 Series: 12” & 24”, 150 Lumens/foot, Polycarbonate Hard Shell, 5-Year Warranty

WIRING HARNESSES: Choice of Two Modular Wiring Harness Systems Engineered Specifically
for Service Body Compartments
• Plug-N-Play (PnP™): Eliminates all wire splicing in the shop except for one connection into the vehicle’s power source.
• Run-N-Tap™ (RnT™): Flexible System Combining Q-Latch™ connections and RapidSPLICE™ connections.



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