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Oval Billet Dome Lighting

thinLUX™ Oval Billet Dome Light™ is a bright and low profile light that is easily installed on the vehicle's headliner without requiring any cutting. It can be installed with Tape, Velcro, Stainless Screws, or Magnetically (NIB magnets are add'l cost). It's LED's are mounted in a housing milled from an aluminum billet. The lens is injection molded polycarbonate and sealed to the housing. Wiring exits the back and can be routed out the side via a milled channel if desired. The standard white light is available in two levels of brightness either with or without the integral SENSA touch on/off or on/off/dim switch.
NEW in 2018 is a Night Vision Red/White combo light.

Under Body Light

thinLUX™ UnderBody Light™ is the most rugged, brightest, thinnest profile light available. It is designed to light up the ground around a vehicle and take all of the abuse that the life of a hard working utility truck can throw at it. Packaged in a low profile aluminum extrusion its metal bushings allow it to be easily, securely, and safely bolted to the vehicle's undercarriage. Its bright 36-LED array is potted and protected in two layers of urethane - white and clear. For crews working during the dark hours thinLUX UnderBody Light will help them find dropped parts quickly keeping them productive and focused on the tasks at hand.


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