Proven Task Lighting for the Serious Professional™

thinLUX™ UnderBody Light™

thinLUX™ UnderBody Light™ is the most rugged, brightest, thinnest profile light available. It is designed to light up the ground around a vehicle improving both safety and productivity. And it can take all of the abuse that the life of a hard-working utility truck can throw at it. 

• For crews working in the dark, thinLUX UnderBody Lights will help them:

• Safely see where they are stepping when they get out of the truck

• Safely see where they are walking as they work around the truck

• Help them find dropped parts quickly keeping them productive and focused on the tasks at hand.

• Increase roadside visibility at night for automobile and foot traffic

The bright 750-lumen light is produced by a 6W 36-LED array that is potted and protected in two layers of urethane - white and clear. It’s housed in a very low profile compact aluminum housing that is only 0.156” thick x 1.875” wide x 8.0” long. It’s bushings allow it to be easily, securely, and safely bolted to the vehicle’s undercarriage. Each thinLUX UnderBody Light draws 0.5 amps.

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